Basel, Basil, Bazel, Baysel, will we ever get it right?

Tuesday we got up early and took a 45 min. Flight to Basel, Switzerland where we stayed 2 nights in the most spacious and lovely Motel One Hotel, funny name I know, but such a lovely modern and big room, especially in contrast to out heavily floral draped shoebox in Paris.

We had a lovely 2 days in the city with cold but sunny weather. The first day we visited walked the very pretty Alstadt, old town, and took in views of the bridges over the river.

Kunstmuseum Basel -Art museum with a wide ranging collection of European art, from the 1400s to 2000s. We of course especially enjoyed the impressionism rooms.

Basel Munster

Next we visited Basel Munster (cathedral) – it had a very abby-esc courtyard and covered walkways on the side of the main church. It had beautiful views from inside the towers of city and river. The roof had beautifully tiled rows.

Up from the spires. A lot of very dark stairs…

We also passed by the Rathaus -City hall, a lavishly decorated red building sat on the Marktplaz (market square) which holds a food market every weekday morning.

On our second day we took the tram (for free! -a perk all hotel guests are given from the city) to Foundation Beyeler – a small but rich museum, containing VanGogh, Monet, Cezanne, Picasso, Bacon, Warhol……or so we thought. We had noticed banners in town for their visiting Picasso exhibit on his blue and rose (pink) periods and thought, bonus!

Blue period. But people still looked like people…

We enjoyed the exhibit it was very informative, abundant and brought together paintings from all over the world to be understood in one setting…..but impressionist painting is really are thing so we looked forward to the regular collection, but discovered it had All been packed away to make room for the Picasso exhibit.

Oh well, a reason the come back to this beautiful city. Because it was J’s birthday, K said that she could break the, “didn’t see it don’t buy it” rule to our own magnetic art gallary and get the Monet waterlilies she missed.

We tram’d back to the center of town and visited the Botanischer Garden of the Universitat of Basel. It had 2 large greenhouses, 1 tropical, 1 water plants and a very nice path around the outdoor collection with crocuses and snow drops poking up.  Then off to birthday dinner