Crossing the Tiber on the Ponte Sant Angelo…

Another day with a fair amount of walking. K got some weird spasm in my left thigh that made all the walking and stairs today a bit of a hassle, but other than that we did pretty well.Today started with a plan to head to Castel Sant Angelo up near the Vatican. I was particularly looking forward to the Ponte (bridge) sant angelo which is lined with statues of various angels. But more on that in a bit.

Big square columns…

Before we got there we hit a few of the churches on our list for Rome. First was something we stumbled upon really. Sant Andrea della Valle.

They were prepping for a wedding, but we were still able to go in and poke around a bit. The square columns (not sure if there is a separate word for that or just column) were absolutely huge. Probably 20 feet on each side. And they went straight up to a set of arches. Quite pretty.

On the way from there to the next church we ran into Piazza Novena. There was a neat fountain in the piazza that had a constant stream of selfie takers, us included sadly.

Neat stop and had a little shop where we sampled some balsamic of varying ages. 2, 8, and 15 years. We ended up with a little bottle of the 8 year.

Next we finally reached the church we were aiming for, the Pantheon. Got inside the very large church area quickly. A few line cutters got J a bit worked up, but no real issues. This is the church with the big hole / skylight / occulus. Very old church.

Continuing on we finally had the Castel Sant Angelo in our sights. A warm 30 minutes in the sun waiting to buy our tickets passed with a bit of sweat but we got in and paid. The castle itself wasn’t that amazing, but it did have some amazing views.

Especially from the top of the castle, we had a wide view of Rome, the tiber river, and St. Peters Basilica.

Lunch at the castle

Outer walkway of the Castle

Walking across the ponte sant angelo, I was able to get almost a full collection of pictures. J had some issues with the grabby vendors / theives which cut it short. But all is well.

We took a quick cab ride the the Capitaline Museum which had some of the more valuable things from the old ruins around Rome.

Oddly or purposefully it as also built on ruins so part of the museum was just going into the basement to see the ruins. Sorta neat and weird.

View of the Forum from the Capitaline Museum which is built on the ruins