Cruising while not retired

Observations from Life on the ship

I am a bit behind posting because the cruise ship is a internet wasteland. I can poach some here and there on shore in cafes and museums but I am always on the move so never have it for very long.

Posts with pictures integrated into the text are a luxury I cannot afford now so I will post narrative and then all the photos at the end in one go. Apologies for the rough format.

We are on the Holland America ship, the Zuiderdam and here are a few observations I have:

Full Taco / Nacho bar- available poolside, this may be the greatest invention of all time.

Taco time ice – the ship has the premium Taco Time ice – you know the little round rough ice pellets. Ice of the gods.

Ummm unlimited nachos

Housekeeper that is a stalker – we arrive on the ship to a empty hallway and 30 seconds later, knock, knock,

knock -housekeeper checking to see if everything is ok. He is very good. He has our every move under survaliance, sneaking in and out of the room 3-4 times a day arranginging things.

Wine package is cheap, -if you get cheap wine. $110 bucks for 8 bottles with Marks & Sparks cruising discount. Now granted the bottle I drank tonight, I recently brought at the grocery store for 10 bucks, but hey, not bad, really amazing, for restaurant prices.

Cruise director made fun of triva players- haha, I love me a host who can subtly mess with the crowd.

Most passengers wear deodorant – hooray! In the surprising Copenhagen heat, many young men were caught unprepared, at least that is what I choose to believe.

The ocean, plain and simple is beautiful. I could look at it for hours.

Tripling your money on the slot machine is fun – K. is a penny slots wizard. She put in $20 bucks, we had a lot of fun laughing and she cashed out with $65……my $20 is now 4 bucks.