Dubrovnik, Croatia

Today was our first port on the cruise in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 2 days earlier we boarded in Civitavecchia, Italy about an hour train ride from Rome. 9 euro for the ride, a great deal.

We met Cookie and Molly’s very sweet doppler ganger on the walls, a young thing, J enjoyed leaving chow for all the cats she met on the streets

Right on schedule J got her European cold when we boarded the board and spent her sea day in bed trying to shake it.

The day started out looking stormy but cleared up quickly

The ship docked 2 miles NW of the old town at Port Gruz, 10 taxi ride into town.

Everything centered around the Pile gate and it made it easy to orient around the city.

In Dubrovnik we kept it tame and walked the walls around the old town, ate some amazing pizza outdoors and did a little browsing in the hot sun of the dalmation coast.