Gardens of the Alhambra

The Alhambra had many elaborate and beautiful gardens.

Peacock at

Peacock at Carmen Martyrs Garden

We took a city minibus up to the top if a mount that the Alhambra sits but got off one stop to early but this was a happy mistake.


Views from the Carman Gardens

We came across a free garden complex called Carmen de los Martires (Carmen of the Martyrs Gardens). It’s history is long and complicated but it first served to support the Alhambra complex with stores of grain and salt.

Gardens leading up to the Alhambra Palace

Gardens leading up to the Alhambra Palace


Then after Isabella’s troops arrived a hermitage was founded around 1492 and stayed on the site until 1835 when the friers left.

Ruins leading up to the Alhambra Palace

Ruins leading up to the Alhambra Palace

The Covent was demolished less than a 10 years later and the gardens were first designed in the late 1850s under the new owner General Carlos Calderón, who built the Carmen de los Mártires and sustained it for many years.  IMG_20170401_142700461

But by the 1960, after much neglect, the gardens became unrecognizable

How you doin?

How you doin?

It was made a public garden in the 70s and restored as a example of historical Spanish garden design.  It had lovely water features, amazing views and a muster of peacocks with 1 boy peacock strutting, and ruffling his feathers for the ladies (and one ambivalent boy junior).



Gato at the Alhambra, we saw about 12, one being very pregnant.

After entering the Alhambra gates we walked through ruins and gardens and after touring the main palace complex we walked through the Generalife gardens.


View of the Sierra Nevada from the Alhambra

Where the prince would go to exercise and relax when palace life go to be too​ much.