Goodbye Snow, Hello Croissants!

Friday afternoon after a good de-icing we took off just in time for Iceland and then Paris.

Nervously waiting to see if we will actually pull away from the gate

We arrived the next day at noon for the weekly Saturday Parisian to-do. Walking to our hotel we saw about 15 to-doers huddled on a median with police watching on the Saint Germain boulevard. A side street here and there blocked to cars by police.

A caravan of 8 police vans filled with armored to-don’ters, about 12 per van, also went zooming by sirens blaring. That was the extent of our excitement, the metro was fine, people were at the cafes with their kids etc.

Following in her Grandfathers footsteps, J dug into a heap of Periwinkles (small sea snails served cold) for her first starter in Paris.

The next day we find out the heart of the to-do-orama was just 1.1 miles away from our hotel on Saint Germain.

We walked that area the next day and saw the barriers and some broken lamp posts but other wise only a limited police presence and little mess.


After dropping our bags we walked down Saint Germain (thankfully the opposite direction of to-do-orama) to Notre Dame. Lots of good energy in the square in front, I would say a good 300+ people hanging out, more than I would expect in the middle of winter, but hey it is Paris.

Secondary Notre Dame Rose window, not the one you see out front. Not bad for second string.

Has a great late lunch at a nearby boulange and got crossiants for dinner since we were beat and headed for bed at 7:00.