M. C. Escher

We traveled from Granada to Madrid yesterday and have 3 more days in Madrid.IMG_20170403_215955

Today we went to a totally cool temporary exhibit of MC Escher’s work. First cool thing, his full name: Maurits Cornelis Escher now that is something a guy can work with!


A Dutch graphic artist, he was inspired by architecture early in his career and it grew to incorporate mathematics and complex patterns into his work.


His precision is truly remarkable. The exhibit was in a run down mansion and the show provided a opportunity to transition the space into an exhibit space breathing new life into the lovely old building.


There was 160 pieces, so a good size and the audio guide and signs were very informative and even fun.IMG_20170403_220431

Giving us the chance to take Escher-esc selfies and learn more about how our brains process white vs. black space/ shapes and squares vs. circles.


It was neat to learn that he was inspired by a trip to Spain mid-career, visiting the Alhambra and Cordoba mosque and captivated by the Moorish repeating designs. We were just there!IMG_20170403_114434694_TOP

It really brought things together for me. J was super excited to open a new wing in the magnet gallery, acquiring 5 new works.