Madrid’s Retiro Park

On Monday after the MC Escher exhibit we returned to the area near our hotel and went for a long walk in the Retiro park, #2 trip advisor activity to do in Madrid.

IMG_20170403_145517360The park is very large and much if it is left to trees with structured paths but it had some amazing gathering places.


Some of the locals

The locals were out soaking up the sun after having such a cold patch. We first stopped at the Crystal Palace which is used for rotating art installations.

IMG_20170403_151723416The current ‘installation’ was a sound piece. After some pictures and loud clunks, whomps, plip-plops we moved back outside to look at the adjacent pond with turtles and black swans.


After the great canoe uprising of 2007 K would not go in a row boat with J.

We stopped in a park cafe area and had some pizza and jamon sandwiches, successfully avoiding the fortune telling gypsies. Next we came across the Monument to Alfonso XII.


It was surrounded by a large artificial lake that people rowed boats around. Also saw ninja squirrel in brown, up a palm tree, J named him Vizconde Bojangles.


If you can see Ninja Squirrel, he can see you. If you can’t see Ninja Squirrel you may be only seconds from death.

Enjoyed the slower paced walk and the koi ponds and flowers in the 70 degree sunshine. A lovely way to wrap up the day. Tuesday we are off to visit Toledo.