Our first day in Rome was a lovely, warm day, about 80 degrees and blue skies. We walked the city all day and here is what we saw:
Colosseum – we started here in the morning and the line was 3 hours to get in, as expected, tons of people so we moved on to 2 churches.

The first was St. Clement Basilica, it had beautiful ceiling frescoes and an extensive archeological excavation underneath. The church, from the 4th century, was built on several layers of building dating from the 1st century. It was amazing to see how extensive and large the rooms, halls and arches were underneath.

We then walked through the park Collo Oppio with ruins of Neros house mixed in with the bushes to Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore it had stunning gold frescoes and intricate inlayed ceilings.

Next was the Roman Forum and back to the Colosseum at 4 for entry with zero line.

It was a very busy day and we enjoyed or pasta dinner with bottles of wine for 12 bucks! We back to bed (it is 4:30am). Here is hoping for a more creative post for tomorrow. 🙂

Good night from Larry the Lizard