Rosenburg Castle & Danish Crown Jewels

Cruising time! On Sunday we packed up our suitcases, ate our breakfast and said goodbye to the hot hostel (yay!) and headed to the cruise ship. The check in process was extremely fast and easy and we quickly checked our bags and got our room keys……but we did not get on the boat.

With all of Copenhagen waiting for us and the ship sailing at 5:00 pm it was time to make the most of the day. J, master of pubic transport spirited ( they literally had to run) onto bus 25, back into the Copenhagen city center.

We first walked the cities Botanical gardens and admired the stunning palm house. It was closed for the month of June for repairs (boo) but is was a very hot day and it was mostly unbearablrle inside. The gardens were right across the street from the Rosenburg castle so we took a few pictures and headed over.

We visited may sumptuous rooms in the castle, include the impressive looong throne hall. One throne surrounded by lions was on one side and a ‘his and her’ set was arranged at the other end of the hall. After touring the castle we visited the crown jewels in the basement. There were many impressive pieces to ooh and ahh over.

Feeling quite hot we enjoyed a short drink / popsicle in the shaded garden cafe and headed back the the cruise ship. Posting on the ship will be sporadic due to limited connectivity but I will try to keep up.

View from the cruise ship

Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens palm house

Rosenburg castle