Shinkansen Express

On Wednesday we left Toyko by bullet train for Kyoto.   The shinkansen train was very comfortable and quiet and it was a pleasant 2 hour ride for the 302 mile journey.  Over the rooftops we were able to get a view of My. Fuji in the distance about half way.

Upon arrival we checked into out postage stamp hotel room and set out to explore.

Chion-in Sanmon Buddhist temple is just a 2 minute walk from our hotel in the Gion district. It was an impressive welcome to the district and the pedestrian lanes.  We walked through Maruyama park and saw our first crane.

Further down the road we climbed the tree lined stone steps to Kodaiji Temple.  We bought a goshuincho book from Kodaiji so that we can collect goshuin stamps (red seal stamps specific to that temple or shrine and calligraphy noting the date and name of the shrine along with sometimes additional notes.)


The fall colors had started to come out at the shrine and  it was a beautiful walk around the temple complex/gardens.  Their was a stunning view at the top of the city.

We walked back towards out hotel in the dark, Japan is incredibly safe, we admired or stating place, Chio-in all lit up.