Spain here we come!

K, K and J (yes those Ks are multiplying) have safely arrived in Madrid, after many pat downs, rebooked tickets, surrendered items and wandings. They know J (the super shifty looking one) is up to something because they profile her every time but they have yet to come up with anything concrete.


It’s 12:23 pm and J’s on vacation with a yogurt and lemon drop!


Prado information desk amongst the Greek sculpture, we took the pic because it was snowing outside

We learned what it is like to be in one of those airport lounges the mega-miles folks hangout in. Free food and adult beverages!
Here is my tip of the day, always go for the adult beverage, consumed on site it cannot be confiscated in Paris, like a diet coke, when they rescreen everyone making connecting flights in the secure part of the terminal.
Our hotel is across from the Prado museum so after checking in we went over for lunch and the art. We had payaya, pork cheeks with garden peas and hamon on a baguette, a good start on the delights of Spanish cuisine. Better pics tomorrow.