Still looking for that Damn Van Dam…

Amazing windows, probably the best quality we've seen yet

Amazing windows, probably the best quality we’ve seen yet

This morning we traveled to Brussels by train. It was a comfortable ride and a quick 1.5 hours. It is May day but we did not experience any difficulties other then an over tired J with an active paranoia complex after staying up until 1am reading about the happenings in the bad parts of Brussels. K was gentle with me and we took a cab from the Midi train station, a luxury after shlogging my over stuffed case up and down the wet Paris metro stairs. It was only 9 euro anyway. Thus we arrived at our hotel without being either shived or shanked.


When 500 years old you are, look as good you will not

OK, to the fun stuff! After we check in we walked to the cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula. Wow! What a beautiful space. Some of the most exquisite stained glass we have seen to date. At first we thought it was a later addition to the cathedral because of its detail and large format but discovered it was from the 1500s. Uncrowded, a bright and airy atmosphere it was a nice change of pace from the grime of the metro morning.


Nice sized square at the Grand Palace

Then we went to the Grand Place market area and spoiled our dinner! Had ourselves some delicious Belgian waffles with strawberries and Belgian fries along with copious samples from the bazillion chocolate shops. Ummm yum.