The Birds of St. James Park


Snippy swan

Snippy swan

Today was another low key day. The sun was out and we decided to have a picnic in St. James Park, right next to Buckingham Palace. Afterward, K scored himself a gooey nutella waffle treat. I

Coot the cute

Coot the cute

was surprised by the variety of common birds in the park. Of course Jake was there in his leafy perch to great the King of the Crows.


Jake watching his lands

Sir Jamesjangles was looking a bit thin but had found something to dig up by a fallen branch.


Sir Jangles of Jameshire

Lots of happy bread fed ducks, swans and geese and some new birds to me, tufted duck, greylag geese, pochard, coot and moorhen.


Greylag goose



Tufted duck and a mallard



Albino goose??

There were also the famous white pelicans basking inthe sun on a large rock in the middle of the lake, I missed getting a picture of them.


Moorhen strutting her stuff in the azaleas

Then we went north to the British Library to visit their treasures collection. They had original drawings from Leonardo, music by Bethoveen, Mozart and Handel, beautiful illuminated manuscripts, the magna carta, and various historically important coorespondence. It was a very well done and interesting collection. We ended the day with a symphony concert at the St. Martins in the Fields. We heard Barbers Adagio by candlelight. It was very lovely.