Tokyo National Museum…

Today was a day of local culture.  But even that included some visiting impressionist art.  But again there were no photos.

We took the subway back up to Uneo in order to visit the Tokyo National Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan art museum.  Both were in or right next to Uneo park so they were easy to find and get to.  And if it wasnt clear from yesterday when we were here this is a very large and well designed park.

After buying tje wrong ticket and getting a refund and the rigjt ticket, we got in line for the special wxhibit that we just paid extra for.  However the lady with a sign saying we had to be in line for over 60 minutes made J wonder if there was a better way.

There was!  We popped out of line and discovered we could show our tickets and get a timed entry.  So now instead of waiting 4 wide in line with all those other chumps, we were free to get extra learning and culture.

So we looked at a number of 10th to 12th century Buddha carvings that apparently can be dated by their ripple carvings.  Learned a bit about the differennt types of laqucor under the umbrella of Maki-e here in Japan, and saw some Japanese traditional paintings, scrolls, and screens.

Then back to the special exhibit which was super crowded and the significance of what was being displayed entirely lost on both J and I.  Oh well.  They cant all be winners.

But we say some fun thongs today.  And we decided on yakitori for dinner again.  The only option at this torigin place we went is chicken and some vegitables or shrooms.  Quite tasty.