Too much Tiesto

Today was a somewhat blah day. The rain is back and we had a rough nights sleep. Our hotel, apparently, has a nightclub sharing some of the bottom floor of the building -not that I have seen any evidence of this- I think it is one of those empty warehouse, one minute it is there one minute it is gone, dance clubs.


This sums up how J felt this morning.


On our first night I noticed some thumping bass but it stopped around 12 and K slept through it, then the next night a little louder and ended at 1:00 am.  At this point I thought it was coming from the hotel bar, well last night was Saturday night, on a festival weekend and that place did not stop rocking until 3:45 am.  This agitated J, which in turn agitated her cough, which in turn woke K up ever half hour.  The one time J fell asleep, K woke her up because she was snoring so bad.  K was kind and went out in the morning for breakfast so J could sleep in.


K admires the fancy gold script


We did head out in the late morning to the other side of the river, we visited St. Sebastian’s that we happened by and it also had a interesting walled in graveyard.  We planned to then walk to Mirabella Palace but it started pouring with rain.  A group of Chinese tourists fresh off their tour bus collectively squealed in dismay, rushing around to find little to no cover.  We scrapped the palace and dashed to our tried and true Burgeriasta for some lunch and drying out.  We then went to the Salzburg Museum, saw lots of interesting things and learned a lot about the city’s history.


K’s favorite item was the Archbishop’s coin collection and J’s was Mozart’s writings/music and the painting gallary of scenes of Salzburg. It was neat to realize we could recognize many of the vantage points since we had visited those spots.  We think we have covered much of what we want to see in the city so we are going to take to the road the next two days.  Stay tuned…