Van Gogh’s contemporaries at the Kroller-Muller…


Alfred Sisley Landscape

While the Kroller-Muller museum has many many Van Gogh pieces, about 200 in total, at the time the collection was built in the 1910 – 1930, they wisely added art contemporaries at the time to truly show a wide array of Modern Art.


Piet Mondrian abstract

During our visit we saw a few of my old impressionist favorites including Pizarro and Sisely, but also found a few new ones that I had not seen extensively elsewhere such as van Rysselberghe and Toorop.



This being the Netherlands, of course there are few Piet Mondrian’s, Holland’s favorite modern artist, and a score of other artists.



Mrs. Kroller-Muller had the foresight to collect the paintings of up and coming artists of the time.  She was a devoted Van Gogh collector and kept a close eye on those artists gaining attention in the market.  They had a display where each Van Gogh in the collection was shown under the year acquired, and what was paid for it.

Toorop, I think...

Surat, I think…

In the first couple of years, Kroller collected 3 or 4 pieces a year, paying a few hundred francs for each.  A few years later, they paid 10,000 francs each for a couple of the Van Gogh’s.  She was able to purchase a few larger lots as well over the years.  We are so grateful to be able to see such a great collection, assembled with such insight and care.

I don't remember who did this one...

I don’t remember who did this one… Sorry